How the World Works

by John Casti View video on YouTube.    

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Approaching X-Event in the Forest Indistry

by Wilenius Markku Video Blog Photograph Attribution

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A Tutorial on the Regulation of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Roger D. Jones, PhD January 5, 2013 The pharmaceutical market place is not entirely a free market. The extreme demand for lifesaving products can make standard economic assumptions inoperable. Therefore, regulatory mechanisms have emerged to protect patients and to provide patients access to affordable medications. There are three aspects of pharmaceutical operations in the U.S. [...]

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Population Explosion and the Demographic Transition

Watch video. See the paper Mathematical Model for the Dynamic Behavior of the Demographic Transition More blogs from TheX-Press.

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Unstable at Any Speed

Text and Photography by Harvey Lloyd This blog is part of a series entitled Secrets of Eternal Youth with artist Ivana Lovincic. Secrets of Eternal Youth The Blog of Everything From a Globe Circling Forever Youthful Adventurer, Artist/Photographer .Who Hangs Out of Helicopters & Flies “The Dead Man’s Curve” Over Every Continent With Newest Studies [...]

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Information management that improves health outcomes and reduces costs

by Roger D. Jones, PhD November 23, 2012 I would like to start this blog with a story about my college-age daughter. Like most college students, she likes pizza. Beth, because she is a modern child completely comfortable in the information age, orders her pizza over the internet. She can monitor the progress of her [...]

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How is healthcare different from a commodity?

by Roger D. Jones, PhD “How is healthcare different from a commodity?” may be as enigmatic as Caroll’s riddle from Alice in Wonderland, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” Lewis Carroll did not posit an answer to the riddle, but many people have suggested answers. My favorite may be, “Because neither one can [...]

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Science of Inequality

Extreme Events, Resilience, and Uncertainty Roger D. Jones Center for Complex Systems and Enterprises Stevens Institute of Technology Hoboken , NJ USA jones@xevents.com What are the right questions? Income Inequality in the Last 100 Years in the U.S. Note that income inequality was as high as it is today in the 1920s. It reached its [...]

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YELLOWSTONE: The Devil’s Volcano

Text and photography by Harvey Lloyd 14 March 2016 This blog is part of the series Secrets of Eternal Youth by Harvey Lloyd. Secrets of Eternal Youth The Blog of Everything From A Globe Circling Forever Youthful Adventurer Artist/Photographer Who Hangs Out of Helicopters & Flies “The Dead Man’s Curve” Over Every Continent With New [...]

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