Confronting Complexity: X-Events, Resilience, and Human Progress

By John L. Casti, Roger D. Jones, and Michael J. Pennock

X-Events, Resilience, and Human Progress

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Secrets of Eternal Youth


Harvey Lloyd

This blog is part of a series entitled Secrets of Eternal Youth with artist/photographer Ivana Lovincic.

The Blog of Everything
From a Globe Circling Forever Youthful Adventurer, Artist/Photographer
Who Hangs Out of Helicopters & Flies “The Dead Man’s Curve” Over Every Continent

With Newest Studies On How to Keep Your Brain Young & Healthy

Secrets of Eternal Youth is a Kerouacian road trip through the mental universe with a merry prankster at the wheel. Lloyd is Coyote, the Trickster, who brings us the fire of imagination that is able to see the quantum foam of the universe in the dancing of Jackson Pollack—that allows us to feel the wild excitement of being alive. Secrets is an explosion of metaphor that reprograms our synapses, stretches our minds, and reminds us that we are all youthful poets.


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